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Using pgAdmin to see Replication Status

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On the main server, you can run the following query in pgAdmin to look at the state of replication:

select * from pg_stat_replication

This should give a row back that says the server is 'streaming'. You can repeat the query and the numbers will change, indicating that replication is proceeding.

If you see a different result like:

  • The status is 'catch-up', then the backup machine is not up to date with the main server, which may indicate issues.
  • There is no row or data in response to this command, it means replication is not running, and your main disk will be slowly filling up -- you will run out of space. Get the properties of the disk on the main server to see how fast it it filling up and send us a support ticket. it often just means restarting one or both servers, or verifying ip addresses on the two machines.

If the query gives no rows back (or some other status), then things may not be set up right, or replication has not yet begun because archive log files are being recovered on the Hot Standby Server.