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Paragraph Properties

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The Paragraph Menu is a sublevel of the Format Menu under Form Letters. The Paragraph Menu allows the adjustment of the paragraphs in the letter.

Some of these options are also available in:


Parts of the Paragraph Properties Tab

First Line Indent Sets the indent of the first line of each paragraph.
Left Indent Sets a left indent to all lines of a paragraph.
Right Indent Sets a right indent to all lines of a paragraph.
Alignment A drop-down menu allowing for the adjustment of the alignment of the paragraph. The available options are Left, Center, Right, and Justified.
Line Spacing A drop-down menu to set the spacing between lines in a paragraph. The available options are Single, 1.5, and Double.
Spacing Before Sets the spacing before each paragraph.
Spacing After Sets the spacing after each paragraph.
Tabs Sets any tab stops that should be on the page. An example of a tab stop would be L2.50 which places a Left Tab at 2.5".
Closes the Format Font window without applying any changes.
Applies the changes to the text and closes the Format Font window.