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Format Font Window

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The Font Menu is a sublevel of the Format Menu under Form Letters. The Font Menu allows the changing of the font and size of the text for input, or to change text that is currently selected.

Some of these options are also available in:


Parts of the Format Font Window

Font A drop-down menu listing all available fonts that can be used in the letter.
Font Size A drop-down menu listing standard point sizes for the font selected. Sizes may also be entered in the field manually.
Style This style section refers to the style of the font. The available options are Bold, Italics, and Underlined.
Text Color The color of the text may be changed either by using the color picker button on the right hand side, or the list of default colors below.
Script The script section allows for the text to be formatted as either Superscript or Subscript.
Closes the Format Font window without applying any changes.
Applies the changes to the text and closes the Format Font window.