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Missing Zip Code or USPSIMBStanda Font

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If you are installing Theatre Manager on a Mac and you get the message that you are missing the following fonts:
  • ZipCode, and
  • USPSIMBStanda
then it simply means you have a newer version of macOS, and it doesn't like the Theatre Manager installer trying to put fonts into the font directory.

To fix the message:

  1. Open the hard drive on your Mac, or open Finder

  2. Go to the Applications directory

  3. Find the TheatreManager application

  4. RIGHT+click on it and choose Show Package Contents from the menu

  5. Go into Contents >> MacOS >> Fonts
  6. The Fonts folder will have both fonts in it.

  7. Double click on each font, one at a time

  8. Click the Install Font button in the lower right corner

  9. macOS will bring up a Font Validation screen.
    There will be a message that it has found a problem with the font. Ignore this.

  10. Check the box next to the font name

  11. Click the Install Checked button in the lower right corner

  12. Repeat for the other font