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Using Network User Profiles - Mac

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Follow the steps below if you have Network Users set up and performance of TM seems slow when everything is run across the network.

Primary Method for Network User Profiles - just install Theatre Manager

In macOS, Theatre Manager is designed to store key application components in the local user's 'Application Support' directory. This allows multiple local users on the same machine to use Theatre Manager.

Network Users have a different 'home' directory setup where the key files are not stored on the local machine. When Theatre Manager is installed, it will save some of its files in the network directory - but you may experience some performance issues if the network or server drives are slow.

Alternate method for running Theatre Manager with Network User Profiles:

If performance seems a little slow with a normal installation that users the network profiles, Theatre Manager can be configured a little differently, as follows.

  1. Make sure:
    • Theatre Manager is already installed on the machine using the TMSetup application -and-
    • Nobody is currently using Theatre Manager on the machine
  2. Go to the Applications Folder
  3. Right click on the Theatre Manager application and select Show Package Contents from the context menu
  4. Navigate to Contents --> MacOS --> firstruninstall folder
  5. Copy the entire contents for the firstruninstall folder.
  6. Navigate back to the MacOS folder.
  7. Paste the contents of the firstruninstall folder into the MacOS folder.
    • You may be asked to replace the serial.txt file
    • Respond 'yes'
  8. Delete the firstruninstall folder. The contents of the MacOS folder should now be similar to below.
  9. Test that Theatre Manager starts up and you see the login window.
  10. Log in as a couple of other network users and try again

If you get an error message starting Theatre Manager about permissions writing to a directory, you may need to type the following in Terminal:

sudo chmod -R -v 777 /Applications/Theatre Manager