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Adding Patrons to a Control House

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Every Season Package requires a Control House. The Control House is a completely separate event from the rest of the season's performances and acts as the place saver for the patrons favorite seats. It is used to track:

  • The evening they will be attending.
  • Where the patron prefers to sit.
  • The price/promotion to use for each seat.
  • If the patron renewed their seats (or not).

It is important the accuracy of the Control House be maintained, as the season is booked. By the end of the subscription process (even after partial subscriptions are sold well into the season), sales in the control house must reflect the preferred/favorite seats.

This control house is used by Theatre Manager to allocate seats to patrons for the coming season.

Building a control house is like building any other event with a couple of subtle differences. These are:

  • The event cannot be sold on the internet and must be marked as use in a control house (performance tab).
  • The price of each ticket is zero (price tab).
  • There should only be subscription promotions enabled (promotion tab).
  • There should be one control house performance for each night you have in your regular season. For example:
    • If there are two weekends for a total of 6 shows
    • Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    • You make the same six performances in the control house
  • The performance codes in the control house MUST match those in the rest of the season.
  1. Click the subscription button.
  2. When the subscription window opens, choose the right package from the Package list.
  3. If the people you want, are NOT in the Patron List, you will need to Add them, Click here for more information on Adding Patrons.

When a patron wants to take part in a season package, they need to subscribe to the package before they select favorite seats and have their season package booked.

To add a patron to a Season Package in the Season Detail window, you perform the following steps:

  1. Click Patron Sales >> Season Reservations >> Setup Season Packages.

    The Season Package List window opens.

  2. Select the requested season package, Click the Open button at the top of the window.

    The Season Package Detail window opens.

  3. Select the Patrons tab.

  4. Click the Add button.

    The Patron Lookup List window opens.

  5. Search for and highlight the patron you are adding to the season package.
  6. Click the Select button.

    If there is more than one performance series, the Season Performance Selection window opens.

  7. Choose the correct performance for the patron and click the select button.

    You are returned to the Season Package Patron tab.

  8. If there is more than one performance series, the Season Performance Selection window will open.