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~~~ Troubleshooting

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You can test and troubleshoot the Theatre Manager Server on Windows using any of the following tools.

Note: if you bring up this web page on the apache server, the links below should work directly by clicking in them. If not, substitute your web server IP address for in all links below.

Tool Action
Task Manager In Task Manager, if you view the list of processes, you should see a number that are named 'Theatre Manager Server' if it started properly.
Director Use the Director to verify the second generation server management process is running.
Event Viewer Test You can look to see if the services start up properly by looking at the event viewer. If you can stop and start the service and you see that it starts listener services on port 5001, then you are likely ok.
Virtual Host Test You can test for a direct response to retrieving a page on the virtual server.. If the Theatre Manager Server is on, then the link below should elicit a response that shows a page that has not been merged. If you get Page Not Found or some other error, then the virtual host is not set up correctly.

Preferences If the second generation listener is having trouble starting and/or keeps stopping, you may want to delete the system profile second gen preferences file and start the configuration process over again
External Probe If you want to check the general health periodically of the second gen server, then use the following url to ask for the time from the second generation listener. (replace /1/ with your outlet number).

If you want to query through the second generation listener to see if a classic listener is running, then add '&force_proxy' to the url. This talks through the second generation to the classic and, in effect, tests both at the same time: