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Check Ticket Transaction Balances

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The Check Ticket Transaction Balances report can be found under the Utility Functions and database Analysis category. Below the image are detailed notes to help you in using the report.

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Purpose of the Report

This report generates a listing of compare performance and event ticket totals with transaction totals. This report should be run if you need to prove that totals for transactions, events and performances all match up.

If you are using the RESERVATION ONLY feature in Theatre Manager, the transactions will disagree based onthe number of tickets that were sold in orders that are reservation only.

RESERVATION ONLY is never recommended because it hides sales from accounting if there is no payment and under counts sales. Sadly, some external presenters don't like to see dales and refunds as they occur naturally - just sales; all of which works against GAAP.

Departments Who Benefit From This Report

Box Office Use this report to find events where transaction and performance totals don't match. It is an indication of use of reservation only ticket sales (not recommended) or if TM Servers are not running for the database.

Criteria Hints

It is recommended that this report be run for a list of selected events is being run for as the criteria.

Parameter Field Condition Value
Event is one of Pick some events