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Working from home: Venues hosting their own databases

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If you are self-hosting your database, where the database serve is located in your office, we recommend using a VPN for secure access and an application such a Remote Desktop, LogMeIn, Go To My PC or TeamViewer. Applications such as these will allow you to access a computer within the office and work from that computers desktop. If you choose to implement a Terminal Server staff can work off the same machine using their own remote session.

Various ways of accessing the database remotely are outlined in Remote Access to Theatre Manager and refers to some considerations to maintain PCI compliance.

Comprehensive Links are provided in the page above, as well as some key technologies below for convenience.


Common remote access mechanisms

While there are many vendors of remote access software, the ones that we see used most often are:

  • Using a VPN and local copy of TM for full and secure network access - best used when internet connections are fast
  • Using Microsoft Remote Access (RDP) and Terminal Server for full managed access to TM - best used when internet is marginal/poor or you need to control internal network access
  • Using a remote access tool like TeamViewer, LogMeIn, or similar to simply access your own machine from a remote location. Best when no remote ticket printing is required.