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Working from home: Venues using Artsman Cloud

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Artsman clients currently using our Cloud Hosting service can connect to their database simply by installing Theatre Manager on their work station, selecting Cloud Hosting and entering their unique key and password. The link for installing Theatre Manager is the same as those provided in the initial email for connecting to Cloud Hosting.

The following three steps indicate how to install on your home computer:

  1. Download and run the latest 64 bit version of Theatre Manager for:
  2. Connect to Artsman Cloud Hosting:
    • follow the steps in the online help page
    • use your company cloud credentials -and-
    • log in using your standard Theatre Manager Employee password when you see the password screen
  3. (Optional) Install any recommended Windows or OSX updates available to your home machine so that you have the latest security patches and virus software definitions. However, stay with your current version. eg:
    • if you are using High Sierra on macOS, just update to latest High Sierra patch.
    • If you are at Mojave, update to latest Mojave patch.
    • Do not update to a more recent OS version like Mojave or Catalina or Windows 7.1 to Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 at this time.
    • This helps ensure that your personal applications still work.
Throughout this period, we will ensure that your cloud services continue with same high level of service and provide support to you during our office hours while you work from home.