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What does an Event mean for the Box Office vs Facility Management?

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Tasks in Facility Management and Event / Performance in box office ticketsales are different, yet related.

In the image, the Calendar is on the left, Theatre Manager’s data structures on the right.

  • Red - The Data Enitity/Tables you use in Theatre Manager if you are not using Facility Management
  • Blue - Added to Theatre Manager if you are using Facility Management
  • For Example:

    If you think of an Event as a Calendar item - Potential Booking - you could:

    • Make a person responsible for it.
    • Attach the event to a venue.
    • Add resources to the event and when they need to be there.
    • Attach the proposed contract.
    • Attach the proposed schedule of equipment (not actuall set up the equipment, but record what they might need, when they might need it).
    • You now have a task called . When they confirm, the box office can refer to the task and set up a Box Office Event where it can be ticketed. The ticketing event is:

    • Who is presenting.
    • Accounting information.
    • Icons for Ticket Trove marketing.
    • From this task, the box office can assign the prices. After, the information will show on the calendar - with no additional work. The Potential Booking now becomes the Actual Booking - the actual performances show in the calendar.

      Because you are selling it (the event), you can think of how to make it work from a production perspective:

    • Move in
    • Set up
    • Staffing
    • Tear down.
    • You can start to add more tasks:

    • Tech cue
    • Pre-show
    • Set ups, etc.
    • When you have completed the event, you can now look backwards to all the tasks needed for that event (box office event) to happen, seeing the times, resources and people required to make it happen. You can now use this Project to plan similar events in the future.