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Pass/G.C. Detail - Type Remaining

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The Pass/G.C. Detail - Type Remaining report can be found under the Membership Reports category. Below the image are detailed notes to help you in using the report.

Click here for information on generating a report. Click here for information on the Finished Report window.

Purpose of the Report

This report generates a detailed listing of memberships purchased by type of membership and the amount left on the membership.

Departments Who Benefit From This Report

Box Office Use this report to see how many patrons have purchased each membership and have remaining balances. This is useful if memberships need to be written off after a certain time frame.

Criteria Hints

It is recommended that this report be run for a specific fiscal year and/or with a specific group of memberships as the criteria.

Parameter Field Condition Value
Membership Fiscal Year = (Fiscal Year)
Member Type Seq # is one of (Membership)
Membership Remaining - $ Amount is greater than 0

Use the SHIFT key to select a series of memberships, or the OPTION key (Mac) or CTRL key (Windows) to select multiple individual memberships.