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Course Roster

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The purpose of the Course Roster report is display who is attending the class. It also lists any relationships for the attendee so you can see things like parent contacts, emergency contacts etc.

The Course Roster report can be found under the Course Reports category. Below the image are detailed notes to help you in using the report.

Click here for information on generating a report. Click here for information on the Finished Report window.

Purpose of the Report

You use the Course Roster report to print a list of of patrons who are attending a class or course, along with their relationships to other patrons such as a parent or teacher.

Departments Who Benefit From This Report

Education Managing the Course Roster and Emergency Contacts
Marketing Cross selling other classes and courses to the parents
Box Office To provide a list of who is in the building to fire personnel

Criteria Hints

It is recommended that this report be run using:

Parameter Field Condition Value
Event # is one of Desired Class or Course
Performance Series Code contains Day of the week for the class (if appropriate)