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Facility Task Types

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There are some items to be set up for Facility Task Types to be used effectively. To set them up:

  1. To set up the Facility Task Types Code Table, select Setup >> System Tables >> Code Tables.

    You use these to assign a particular type to a task, such as, Meeting, Holiday, Attached to Event / Play, etc.

  2. You also use these to categorize Tasks.

    Each task type is attached to a calendar type that influences its behavior.

    For example, if the calendar type is Attached to Performance, a performance must be entered. If the calendar type is ToDo, it has a Drop Dead date, but not a beginning date.

  3. Each task type can be assigned a color.

    If this colour is left at black, then the default color for tasks or projects is used on the calendar. If you assign a colour, that colour is used for all tasks of that type, unless you override the colour for a specific task or project