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Theatre Manager 8.16 Released and new support tracking process on Jan 14.

We have released version 8.16.01 of Theatre Manager for download.

We are also implementing a new system for tracking and assigning support requests internally. As of Thursday morning, you will get a response back to any email sent to support @ artsman . com assigning a tracking number to it. Each follow-on discussion with support will refer to that number so that both you and ArtsMan can have a complete thread on each subject.

Theatre Manager 8.15 Released

There is a significant release for all venues running version 8 of Theatre Manager.

See the full notes about Version 8.15 or read on for a summary.

Theatre Manager 8.13 released (and 7.36.42)

There is a significant release for all venues running version 8 of Theatre Manager. At that same time, two changes were retrofitted back to version 7 because we felt them to be important enough for all venues.

See full notes about Version 8.13 or read on for a summary.


Historically, we published newsletters with tips and information about what some venues are doing that may be of interest to others.

In 2014, the format of the newsletters was changed to be shorter, one page eblasts sent directly to users. You can explore past content via this link.

Here are some past issues:

Theatre Manager 8.09.12 released

This version of Theatre Manager addresses a possible memory issue.

We have discovered a small issue where opening any window could address the wrong memory and possibly cause a crash. It is an obscure happenstance - it will only occur if you repeatedly open certain windows and opening a window may delay the actual crash until a long time afterwards, possibly an hour or so later.

This particular bug appears to affect Macintosh users mostly.

Theatre Manager 8.09.10 released

This is release is recommended for all venues to install as it addresses somewhat rare conditions in a number of areas: Specific fixes are:
  • Fix two issues that were causing EOD imbalance. First was that fees could be added to an order where the GL# was still zero. This could happen if the venur was using a database built from the empty database. Solution: don't show fees on the window if there is no G/L code

Theatre Manager 8.09.05 released

This update responds to a small number of specialty requests or problems reported recently.
  • The web listener now requires that the apache module be either version 1.2.9 or 1.4.4 before it will start. (Versions 1.4.2 or 1.4.3 of the apache module may cause the actual apache server to restart under load).

Theatre Manager 8.09.02 released

This update responds to a small number of specialty requests or problems reported recently.
  • Allow the sell window buttons to be visible without having access to the patron window as well
  • Added a new security case for the order window. This will allow restriction of employee permissions so that they can sell items in an order, but not edit or view patrons.
  • Adding a New subscription via the Order Window or Client Window fixed

Version 8.09

Version 8.09 contains ongoing minor enhancements to address small issues reported by customers. The changes in this version are:

  • Implemented the 'Check for Update' capability in 'About Theatre Manager' for version 8 as well as downloading the update file. Version 7 and 8 now check separate version update databases.

Theatre Manager 8.08.08 released with change to detect web cookies

Version 8.08.08 contains an important change to detect if an end user has cookies enabled in their browser. We discovered that TM was detecting if cookies were enabled (or not), but was not displaying an appropriate message to users as they proceeded through the web sales system. This has been enhanced so that once the patron hits the first web page, if they proceed to an area that requires cookies, they will be alerted when cookies are not enabled. That should improve their browsing experience.

Version 8.08.08 also:


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