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Changing User ID's

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If you wish to implement login by user id in addition to password, the change all the user id's in the system to a scheme that is suited to your network security needs. Since you will be logging in with a User Id and Password, it can be a good idea to make user names more difficult to determine.

To change user names and password settings, repeat the following steps for all users EXCEPT the Master User:

  • go to Setup->Users & Access->Employee List
  • Click the 'search' icon (the magnifying glass) or hit enter to see a list of users
  • Double click on the name in the list to change
  • Click on the 'Access' Tab
  • Click on the 'Access Id' field and change that to something suitable for the employee
  • Make sure the Logon Level selection is either 'No Access' if they are not allowed to use the system -or- 'Normal' if they are allowed to access the system.
  • If the user can log in, click the 'Set Password' button and assign them an initial random password (or have the user type in their own). It is not necessary to know or record each users password - in fact we recommend that you do not write those down. If a user forgets their password, you can always re-assign a new one here.
  • If user's access to parts of the system is similar to another users, you can use the 'Copy Access' button to make them like each other. You may wish to create a template for some of the important job functions that make copying easier.