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Completing an issue

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When a development issue has been completed and check into the VCS, it must also be completed in FogBugz. Find the case number and:

  1. Edit the case
    1. Change the project to Theatre Manager
    2. Category to bug or enhancement
    3. Area to reflect the part of the application that was changed
    4. Who completed the task (if it is different than the assignee)
    5. And the release number milestone that the fix is targeted for
    6. Fill in the estimate if it was not already filled in.
    7. Add notes about the resolution. This is probably similar to the VCS notes.
    8. Click OK to save the changes.
  2. Set the the case to be tested
    1. Management will assign a tester to the case to confirm functionality
    2. This should include visual inspection of the code where appropriate
  3. Then, resolve the case and provide:
    1. The actual hours to resolve the issue
    2. Add release notes that are suitable for providing to the customers and pasting into the release notes.
    3. Close the case