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Step 2: Create user and import Database

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Installing a demo database

The database server needs a specific user called TheatreManager with specific privileges that will be assigned as the owner of each database. We also want to import a demo database. This step assumes that you have installed things into the /Users/Shared directory. If you did not, then you will need to edit the script and do this step manually

1. Go to /Users/Shared directory. You should see some files and folders with names that look like below.


2. Start terminal and change the user to 'postgres' by typing:
su - postgres
and then type the postgres user's password (password will not display anything)


3. Drag the script '/Users/Shared/CreateDemoDB.sql onto the terminal window. This shortcut saves typing anything.
Click into the terminal window and then press RETURN to start the command.
If it does not run, then possible issues are:
  1. You need to have execute permissions on the 'CreateDemoDB.sql' script. Use File Examiner to check or fix that (or use unix chmod commands to give permission).
  2. Make sure that postgres was configured with 'trust' permissions for the local machine.
  3. Make sure that postgres was installed into the /Library/Postgresql8 directory.
4. The script will run and load up the TheatreManagerDemo database. You can modify this script to load up a customer database if necessary by editing it in BBedit or in textedit (make sure to save it as text if you use textedit - its preference, unfortunately, is to save as an rtf document). Note, any WARNING messages from the TheatreManagerDemo database creation can be ignored. These warnings are normal.