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Export Patron Address

Patron's name and address can be exported to a spreadsheet through the Address Tab. Exporting multiple patron's name and addresses at once and can be done by highlighting multiple different patron records from the Patron Contact List Window.

Exporting Season Ticket Data for Off Site Printing

First you need to consider if you are printing the whole house for each show ahead of time (before selling them)

or, are you having the already sold subscription tickets printed.

If you are having an outside agency print the whole house, ahead of selling, then you will need to contact us for our help in getting the data export for the print house. We ask that you speak with us for the details and we will require remote access to the database server.

Mail list of Patrons in a Household With More than One Member

Mail Lists can answer many different "Who" questions.

To create a Mail List that answers the question of the number of Patron Households that have more than one patron, you perform the following steps:

  1. Click the Mail List button in the main Theatre Manager toolbar / ribbon bar.

    The Mail Lists window opens.

Printing an Invoice and Adding the Comments

To print an invoice, you perform the following steps:

  1. In the Patron Window, click the Order tab.

    For more information on opening Patron records, click here.

    For more information on the Order tab, click here.

Exporting a City Lookup Table

  1. Open the City/Postal Code Lookup List Window

    Click here to learn how to access this window.

  2. Click the Export button.
  3. Choose the export format.

    The Select Postal Code Export File opens for your Operating System..

Steps for Printing an Invoice

The Print Invoices report can be found under the Ticket Printing, Invoicing and Inventory Analysis category. This report is used to print invoices for an order(s) that has been completed in Theatre Manager.

  1. Access the Print Invoices report by double clicking on it in the report window.

    The Add Criteria window opens.

Adding a Patron to a Mail List

  1. Find Patron 14, Roger Carfan
  2. Click the Mail List Tab

    The mail list tab is located on the Patron Window. When the mail list tab is clicked a patron's mail list information displays at the bottom of the patron window.

  3. Click the Add button

    The Mail Lists for Patron window opens. A mail list that is marked with a bullet means the current patron belongs to the mail list.

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