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Superclass objects

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The following super-class objects are important to the stability and function of the applications. Any changes to these require prior consultation and peer level review before and after changes are made:
  • tableBase – the base table class for all database i/o
  • any class that starts with ‘wModeless’ (wModeless, wModelessList, wModelessEntry, etc) – these are the 4 or 5 key windows that control and manage all GUI interaction and record i/o.
  • any class that starts with ‘reportBase’ as they look after reports
  • the oQuery and oQueryGroup objects as they are used to pass around an SQL query between objects.
  • oStringFields - which handles specialized string manipulation
  • oEditCheck - which handles special validation for certain kinds of data
  • the oSecurity object that handles the Role Based Access Control