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Daylite is the corporate contact and sales management system. In general, all the primary contacts for any customers will already be in Daylite and are going to be used for reference purposes by the support organization.

When a new venue comes on board or there is a staff change at an organization, the responsibility of the primary support team is to update Daylite with new contact information and/or correct some existing information at the start of the support process.

  • All contact information will will be documented in DayLite and the contact associated with an organization. This means names and addresses for all contacts. There is a 'grab' button to get the primary organization address to simplify data entry.
  • Please check with Daylite to confirm the version number that the venue is using to transfer to FogBugz support tracking.
  • If somebody leaves an organization, please mark there relationship as 'former employee' and the description as 'former xxxxxxx' - daylite.