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Printing Labels for Printed Letters

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To print labels for recently printed letter, you perform the following steps:
  1. From the main Theatre Manager menu, select Form Letters >> Tasks >> Mail Labels for Printed Letters.

    The default Mail List Criteria window opens.

  2. To create labels for a specific date or range of dates, double click on the Letter History Date Printed critera.

    The Edit Parameters window opens.

  3. Make the required changes and click the Save button.

    You are returned to the Mail Label Criteria window.

  4. Make the required changes and click the Done button.

    The Patron Address Labels window opens. Click here for more information on the Address Labels window.

  5. Adust the labels, Style, Position, Font, Sort, Page layout as necessary.
  6. When the labels are as you would like to have them printed, click the Print button.