Web Options Tab

Look Ahead Number of days in advance events should be displayed for.
Max Events The maximum number of events to be displayed on the events page.
Timeout The number of minutes a patron accesses a page without activity before the cart becomes inactive and the items released.
Log Size The maximum number of lines in the web listener display log. Larger numbers require more memory.

Also send email confirmations to

Notification You can set up a notification which specifies a list of email addresses that will receive a copy of all completed shopping cart emails. This can be used for audit or backup purposes. If implemented, you will have to clean out the emails from the specified email account your self and use of this feature is not recommended if you have rate limiters at your ISP (such as google mail)

HTML Page Substitution Options

Show sales promotion on offered ticket When selected, the sales promotion's external description will be visible to patrons online during seat selection. This appears on the seat selection window where tickets are offered to the patron AFTER Theatre Manager has found them. it confirms the external sales promotion name to the patron.
Show Ticket Trove icons on play list Displays the Ticket Trove icon from the Marketing tab in the List of Events for the online sales.
Show price code on offered ticket When selected, the Price Code description will be visible to patrons online during seat selection. This appears on the seat selection window where tickets are offered to the patron AFTER Theatre Manager has found them. It confirms the price code that will be on the ticket.
Enable Pass/G.C. Redemption Allows Pass/G.C.'s to be used as payment online. Only those Pass/G.C.'s that have been set for redemption online can be used.
Enable Pass/G.C. Renewal Allows the renewal of Pass/G.C.'s that have been configured to be renewed online.
Show price/fee/tax breakout if enabled, shows a breakout of ticket prices, fees, taxes etc on the checkout page as per the image to the right.
Show 'Face Value' price and final price in carts If enabled, this will show the face value of a ticket (as determined in the Web Options tab) on all online web pages and any e-ticket emailed to a patron.
Suggest donation in cart When selected, patrons will see a reminder at the top of a shopping cart to include a donation with their order at checkout. If clicked, the partron is taken to the donation screen to give to any campaign allowed online. Once a donation is given, the message disappears from the cart window.
Suggest donation round-up in cart If enabled and a campaign is specified, then a message will appear in the shopping cart window and/or checkout window encouraging the patron to round up their payment to the nearest even dollar (or 5 or 10 - the amount can be easily customized in rowcartdonationroundup). Once the payment amount for the cart is an even dollar, then the message will not appear.

The campaign must be enabled online - and we'd suggest making a separate one that might be named like Round Up My Bill Donations or using your existing annual individual giving campaign.

Pay Order Balances Online When selected, patrons will be able to pay for any outstanding order balances online if the order is marked as such when putting on account. If this is disabled, then the feature of paying prior order balances is disabled completely.

If a customer pays for an order balance online, two things happen:
  • The entire credit card payment is allocated to the order based on the total in the cart (including the prior orders)
  • A CREDIT to CASH payment is applied to the order for the cart to bring it to the right total
  • A DEBIT to CASH payment is applied to the other order(s) that were added to the cart to be paid off
The net effect is similar to a payment applied to multiple orders
Acknowledge terms When selected, patrons will be required to read/accept the terms and conditions at checkout. For information about the tmtermsandconditions.html page, click here.
Map Display This setting indicates how you would like the map to display for web sales. You can show only the seats available to the patron, all others are blank, or you can choose to show all the seats, those that are taken have their codes masked or not, or a generic map of the venue. These setting can be overridden for individual performances, click here for more information. Options are:
  • Selected seats only (sold are blank)
  • Selected and sold (mask seat codes)
  • Selected and sold (actual seat codes)
  • Use 'tmGifs/Map[x].jpg' for generic map
  • Do not display any map

Web Options - General

General Web Sales Options

Enable Web Sales Enables sales to occur on the web.
  • If turned ON, a directory must exist on the TM primary server for
    • This outlet (eg 1/WebPagesEN or 2/WebPagesEN for each of multiple outlets that are active) -AND-
    • for each language that is active for the outlet. eg WebPagesEN and WebPagesFR if both english and french are supported
    Listeners will not start if the Director requires full web pages and either of the outlet directory and/or the WebPagesXX directory is missing. If the Director requires only custom pages, the web services will start using the current template pages.
  • If turned OFF, patrons will receive a message that the site is down.
Allow Anonymous Login Enabling this feature allows patrons to shop and add items to a web sopping cart without identifying themselves first. When the patron is ready to check out and pay, they will need to either:
  • login to an existing account -or-
  • create a new account if they have never purchased before

Optionally, if you also wish to give patrons the option to checkout without creating an account you can enable the limited profile patron option. When the option is enabled and the patron checks out, they will be given 3 options:

  • sign in to an existing account -or-
  • create a new account if they have never purchased before -or-
  • provide a minimum amount of data (name and email) which is sufficient to send a confirmation of the purchase
Note: Limited profile patrons have some benefits and disadvantages. Please review them before deciding to turn on the option.
Show Count down Timer When enabled, a timer will appear on the web pages menu bar beside the cart - showing how much time is left before the web listener releases all items in the cart. The timer will appear once there is something in the cart and is reset every time the patron looks at a new web page
Login Attempts The maximum number of login attempts before the patron's account is locked out and they must request their password to continue.

Coupons and Preacess codes

Accept active coupons When selected, patrons will be able to enter a coupon code at checkout. For more about coupons, click here.
Enable presale access codes When selected, patrons will be able to enter a presale access code on the Events list online in order to see shows which are not online for sale to the general public. For more about presale access codes, click here.

Web Options - Purchasing

Web Options - Carts and Checkout

Permitted E-Ticket Delivery Options

Set initial delivery option based on cart contents Tells the web server how to best set the ticket delivery options on the cart checkout page. If
  • checked (the default), the web server picks the most appropriate ticket delivery option based on the contents of the shopping cart. For example: if the cart has events that allow e-tickets, that will be the default. If the cart has no e-tickets, the default becomes pick up at will call.
  • un-checked, the patron must always pick a delivery option manually.
Mail to patron Tickets purchased on the internet are marked for printing and mailing by the box office. A Mail Fee must be entered above in order for this option to be selected. When selected, online patrons are presented with a Mail My Tickets option at checkout.
Mail Fee The number of the order fee designated as a Mail Fee in Fee Tables.
Print At Home Tickets Tickets purchased on the internet are marked as printed and patrons are presented with the option to print their own bar-coded tickets. Click here for information on turning on Print at Home for a selected event or performance.

If you are printing at home, you can print using one of two types of bar codes.

  • Standard 3 of 9 bar code. This is the same as what is printed on hard ticket stock and looks like a ladder.
  • QR code format. This is the square 2D bar code found that is typically used for quick access to web sites

Additional Action Items:

If you enable print at home tickets in company preferences, there are some other things you might also want to:

  1. Edit some current events or performances and selectively enable print at home. Exiting events are not converted, all new events default to print at home
  2. Buy a ticket yourself and print it to PDF to see what the ticket looks like. The default print at home ticket has space for an 'AD' that you might like to change in the default web pages.
  3. Decide if you want to email tickets to patrons who phone in to the box office - an email ticket option will appear where the print ticket used to be to provide choice. This is useful as it also acts as a confirmation while allowing you to update email data for parsons.
  4. Read about how to batch email ticket to patrons via the print unprinted tickets function
Note: The Linea-Pro scanner attachments for IOS (for iPhone/iPod) are able to scan both 3 of 9 and QR codes. The older MC55A windows mobile based bar code scanners can only scan the standard 3 of 9 bar code. If you are using those wireless scanners, do not pick QR code.
Hold for Will Call When selected, patrons online can select to have the box office print and hold their tickets in Will Call. The exception is, any ticket for a performance where the print at home setting is 'must print at home' or is 'mark ticket as printed' will be set accordingly.