Parts of the Mail List Window

Opens a new Mail List window.
Saves changes made to the Mail List.
Creates a copy of the open Mail List.
Reverts back to the last save point.
Deletes the open Mail List.
Generates a report to the screen or default print location displaying the details of the Mail List.
Checks the spelling of typed items within the current tab.
Opens the mailing label window to create mailing labels for patrons included in the Mail List.
Provides a report by zip code of all patrons in the Mail List.
Mail List # Computer generated number for the Mail List.
Mail List Name Brief name of the Mail List
Select Drop Down List:
  • Patron who matches criteria
  • Primary household patron instread
  • All patrons in household
Active Active / Inactive Flag
Outlet Outlet that created the Mail List.
Access Groups Specify which groups of people can access the data
# in List Number of patrons currently in the list.
Information about the Mail List and its behaviors. Click here for more information.
The criteria groups for building the mail list. Click here for more information.
List of Patrons who are in the mail list. Click here for more information
List of who may change this mail list. Click here for more information.
List of the dates and times the mail list was executed. Click here for more information.

Description Tab

The Description tab of the Mail List window displays information about the mail list and its behaviours.

VIP List Alert Employee if patron is on the mail list. If a patron is marked on a list as a VIP, the employee will be reminded that the patron is on the list via a popup-dialog window each time they open the particular patron's record.
External List Allows Patrons to subscribe/unsubscribe via the internet. For most mail lists, this is never checked. However, if it is checked, this flag allows patrons to add (or remove) themselves to the mail list using the online sales module.

Possible uses for this setting on mail lists are where the customer can elect to belong (or remove themselves) such as:

  • Send me a season brochure
  • Tell me about auditions
  • I'm interested in 'Dance' performances
Refer to a sample web page with external mail lists to see what the patron would see online.


Patrons must be logged in to subscribe. If this is:
  • checked - the patron cannot add themselves to this mail list unless they are logged in. This mail lists are intended for the patrons' account' page online.
  • NOT checked - then the patron can add themselves to this mail list through the mail list quick add web link. This option is intended for letting people subscribe to lists with a minimum of data. (Name and email address).
Double Opt in Emails This feature is only valid for mail lists that are 'external'. If enabled, then patron who is added to the mail list (manually or automatically) will be sent an email asking them to confirm that they want to be on the list. If the patron:
  • does not respond to the email within 24 hours, they will be removed from the list.
  • responds within 24 hours (or even at a much later date), they will be placed on the mail list with a status of 'double-opt-in confirmed' and the date that they confirmed opting in.

This feature is very useful

  • for implementing CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Law -and/or-
  • to improve accuracy of email addresses in the system because it requires the patron to confirm the email address, automatically improving the accuracy of the data.
Description Detailed description of the purpose of the mail list (in 'english') so that others will understand its purpose or suggested usages.

Criteria Groups Tab

Displays the selected Criteria for the mail list and allows you to add othera toi the Mail List.

Inserts criteria for a Mail List. Click here for more information on adding new criteria.
Removes the selected criteria.
Opens the parameter window for the selected criteria.
Rebuilds the mail list based on the selected criteria.
Verifies the number of patrons in the Mail List.

Who's In Tab

Displays a list of the patrons in the mail list.

Type Customizable field that allows for classification of patrons by type (Individual, Student, Staff, etc.)
Patron # Unique number assigned to a patron.
Patron Name Patrons first, last name and business.
Source Where the mail list was generated.
Primary Phone Patron primary contact telephone number.
Manually add a patron to the list. For more information on adding patrons to a list click here.
Opens the patron window of the selected patron.
Manually remove patron from a list. For more information on removing patrons from a list click here.
Export the selected rows of contact information from a Mail List. If you want everybody in the list, select all the rows (or click on a line and the Ctrl-A or Cmd-A select them all) before clicking the export button.

  • You will be give a choice of export format: tab delimited, comma delimited, xls, or xlsx format.
  • Then you will be asked where you want to put the file
Add Pass Can be used to add a pass or gift certificate to a number of patrons at the same time.
Unsub Email Can be used to process an unsub/bounce file from an external emailer program and remove patrons from a mail list or remove their email addresses permanently.
Search options for finding patrons within the selected Mail List.
Search's the selected Mail List for patrons matching the selected search criteria.

Access Restriction Tab

Displays a listing of who can change the contents of the selected mail list.
  • If you are on the access restriction list, you can add, rebuild and remove people from the list - and you can delete the mail list in entirety.
  • If the list of employees is empty, anybody can add, rebuild or remove people from the list
If you want to hide this list from some people, use the Access Feature at the top part of the window.
Preventing employees from altering the contents of the mail list does not prevent them from deleting the entire mail list unless you implement data permissions on the employee record (prevent delete of mail lists) or hide the mail list (as above)

First First name of the employee.
Last Last name of the employee.
E-mail E-mail address for the employee.
Grants an employee access to the Mail List.
Removes an employee from having access to a Mail List.
Opens the employee data window for the selected employee.

Execution Log Tab

List of the dates and times the mail list was executed.

First First name of the employee who ran the mail list.
Last Last name of the employee who ran the mail list.
Start Count Number of patrons in the list before the list is executed.
Stop Count Number of patrons in the list after the list is executed.
Time (Sec) Amount of time in seconds the mail list took to populate.
Status The method chosen to populate the mail list (either Proceed or Rebuild).
Start The date and time at which the instance of the mail list was begun.
Finish The date and time at which the instance of the mail list finished running.