Merging a Mail List with a Form Letter

Theatre Manager has a powerful marketing tool for postal mailings or email blasts built right in to the software. One of the most commonly used merge features in the Letters module allows a user to merge a mail list with a form letter both created using information contained in your database. The following few pages describes and illustrates the process of merging a mail list with a letter then either printing the result or sending it via email to the intended recipients.

Quick reference information for Merging Form Letters



Selecting the Letter

To merge a letter with a mail list, you first need to choose the letter. To do this, you perform the following steps:
  1. Choose Form Letters >> Form Letters.

    Alternatively, select the Letters button in the Theatre Manager ribbon bar / toolbar.

    The Form Letter List window opens.

    For more information about the Form Letter List Window, click here.

  2. Click the Search button and select the letter to use in your mail list merge.

  3. Click the Letter Merge button.

    The Form Letter Criteria window opens. click here, for more information on creating mail lists.

Attaching the Letter to a Mail List

When the criteria window opens, you can continue selecting or changing the criteria.

  1. You can exclude those patrons who have indicated they do not wish to receive mailings, by ensuring the appropriate Exclude Records radio buttons are selected and that the criteria reflects that information.

  2. To add any new piece of criteria, including a specific Mail List, click the New button.
  3. To initiate a merge based on an existing mail list, select the Criteria category Patron Marketing Data > Marketing Patron Belongs to Mail List.

  4. On the right side, choose the mail list of patrons to whom you'd like to send your letter.
  5. When you have made your selection from the list of Mail lists, close the criteria window.

    The selected mail list is added to the criteria.

    If you do not have an existing mail list, you could enter criteria to build a new mail list to use for this mailing.

    The process is the same whether you're using an existing one or creating a new one. For more information on creating mail lists, click here.
  6. Click Done in the bottom right to start the merge.

Setting Sending and Routing Options

The Merge Form Letter Window opens.

For more information about the Merge Letter Window, click here.

  1. Make the following selections appropriate to your needs.
    Duplicates Set the radio buttons to reflect the type of letter output you'd like for your mailing. Choices are:
    • One per receipt - there will be one letter for each┬áreceipt in the record.
    • One per patron - Patron receives just one mailing and the Receipt data in the letter is ignored. While this will limit the number of letters to a single patron, several patrons in the same household could receive letters.
    • Consolidate tickets (Patron) - the receipt data is consolidated into a table (rather than being ignored) and each patron will receive one letter based on that table of receipts. Several patrons in the same household could receive letters.
    • Consolidate tickets (Household) - Generates one single letter for the primary household patron. This is the method to ensure one letter or mailing for each household
    Routing Set the routing for your letter to - Print or Email. If you choose Email, you can then choose "If no email address", then either Ignore or Print the letter.
  2. Click the Merge button when you see the list has been narrowed down.

Complete the Merge and Print or Send

The Merge Parameters window opens. For more information about the Merge Parameters window, click here.

  1. Set your desired Print and/or Email options and click the Continue button.

    When the Merge is completed, you are returned to the Merge Letter window with a report of the merge is displayed.