Sales Promotions List Window

Sales promotions are used during the ticket purchase process to indicate how the base ticket price is to be altered to arrive at the final ticket price. A sales promotion is a discount, a markup, or a combination of both that is added to a ticket at the time of purchase. A ticket sold at "full" price has a sales promotion that has a no markup and no discount.

Markups and discounts can be percentages or fixed amounts.

For Example:
A half price sales promotion has a 50% discount.
A group discount could be $4.00 off the regular price.
A special promotion that includes a reception, may have a markup of $4.00 added to the regular price.

A sales promotion can combine a discount and a markup.

For Example:
You could have a special seniors price which is always $7.00 that combines a 100% discount with a $7.00 markup.

Ticket prices before tax are calculated as:

Ticket Price = Ticket Base price - Sales Promotion Discount + Sales Promotion Markup.

Promotions must be available at other outlets before a performance can be sold at the other outlets.

Sales Promotions Codes are accessed through the Setup >> System Tables >> Sales Promotions Menu.

Parts of the Sales Promotions Window

Inserts a New promotion. For more information on inserting new sales promotions click here.
Opens the edit window for the selected promotion. For more information on editing sales promotions click here.
Creates a copy of the sales promotion.
Deletes the selected promotion. For more information on deleting sales promotions click here.
Generates a report of the listed sales promotions to the screen or default print location.
Exports out the listed sales promotions in a tab-delimited format.
Sets the selected promotion as the default.
Enables the selected promotion.
Disables the selected promotion.
Promotion Search option for sales promotions
From Starting point for search
To Ending point for search
The type of promotions you wish to view: All, Active, Inactive
Promotion The descriptive name of the promotion.
Desc (External) The external description of the sales promotion to be printed on a ticket or displayed on the internet.
Group Group letter the promotion belongs to.
Map Letter Letter that will appear on the map for this promotion.
Coupon A coupon is required for this promotion.
Discount $ The dollar discount for the promotion.
Discount % The discount percentage for the promotion.
Markup $ The dollar markup for the promotion.
Markup % The markup percentage for the promotion.
Ticket Fee 1 Ticket Fee 1 value.

Sales Promotion Code Window and Detail Tab

The Sales Promotion Detail window is where you enter new, or edit sales promotions.

The Sales Promotion Code window can be broken into 3 parts:

  1. The toolbar / ribbon bar. Click here, for more information on the buttons and what they do.
  2. The Name and Status of the current promotion.
  3. The Tabs. These are:
  • Description - As Described on this page.
  • Calculation - Click here for a description of this tab.
  • Edits - Click here for a description of this tab.
  • Plug In - Click here for a description of this tab.
  • Performances - Click here for a description of this tab.
  • Transactions - Click here for a description of this tab.

Parts of the Detail Tab

External Description The descriptive name of the promotion.
Exclude Price Codes The price codes which the promotion cannot be used with.
Report Subtotal Group Select from the drop down list, the appropriate grouping to use to subtotal similar promotions together on reports. You can add more groups in the Promotions Sales Groups. Click here for more information.
Map Display Letter The letter to display on a graphical map when a ticket is sold using this promotion.
Subscription Hold Letter The hold letter to display on a reserved seating map in a control house, when a ticket is held for a subscriber using this promotion as part of the subscription process.
Ticket Type for G/L Posting The ticket type to which the promotion applies. Availble are:
  • Regular
  • Season
  • Other Type 1
  • Other Type 2
  • Other Type 3
Ticket Face # Sales promotions can print an extra ticket under certain conditions, for example a restaurant voucher if it is a Dinner and Show promotions.

Calculation Tab

This is a very powerful tool to help you figure out ticket pricing if you are applying fees, discounts and commissions.

This window is broken into four columns:

  • Ticket Pricing Options
  • Tax Rate
  • Calculation Options
  • Sample Price Calculator

Notes about tax rates set in this window:
  • The tax rate for the base price and effect of markup and discount are set in the event setup. (the upper tax rate highlighted in the image)

    It are not set here since each performance can have different taxation rates than the service fees and are only used here to test things under various rates (since TM doesn't know which event you mean).

  • The tax rate on ticket fees are set in the promotion window and used everywhere (the bottom 3 that are highlighted in the sample above)


Parts of the Calculation Tab

Ticket Pricing Options   Tax Rate Calculation Options

Enable or disable

Sample Price Calculator

=Base Price for Ticket Price Code

-Discount Used to decrease the base ticket price by a fixed dolar amount OR by a percentage This tax rate setting is only for sample calculator to provide an idea.

The Actual Tax Rate comes from tax rate on the performance.

Apply the Dollar Discount First. This means that any percentage discount is applied after the dollar discount is applied. For example: 1$ off and then 10% off that calculation is different than $1 off the original price plus 10% off the original price. Displays what the values you have entered do to change the price.
+Markup Used to increase the base ticket price by a fixed dolar amount OR by a percentage Apply the Dollar Markup First. This means that the dollar amount is added to the price and then any percentage amount is added on top. Eg. $10 added to the price, followed by 10% on the total is different than $10 added to the original amount plus 10% of the original price.

Always add the Markup - means add the markup amount even if the price of the ticket starts at zero (comp) or gets discounted to zero. it is away of making a ticket a fixed price and can be used for things like a youth ticket anywhere in the venue or a fixed amount of a tip added at dinner theatre, even to comp tickets.

and round to the nearest Indicates if the base price is to be rounded BEFORE adding fees and taxes.
  • 0=No rounding before fees and taxes
  • other values could be used to indicate rounding to nearest:
    • $0.05 (five cents)
    • $0.10 (ten cents)
    • $0.25 (twenty five cents)
    • $0.50 (fifty cents)
    • $0.18 (eighteen cents)
    • $1.12 (dollar twelve)
+Ticket Fee 1 A ticket fee added to the base ticket price by a fixed dolar amount OR by a percentage Choose the tax to apply from the Drop Down List Always Add Fees
+Ticket Fee 2 A ticket fee added to the base ticket price by a fixed dolar amount OR by a percentage Choose the tax to apply from the Drop Down List
+Ticket Fee 3 A ticket fee added to the base ticket price by a fixed dolar amount OR by a percentage Choose the tax to apply from the Drop Down List
and round to the nearest Indicates if the base price is to be rounded AFTER adding fees and taxes.
  • 0=No rounding after fees and taxes
  • other values could be used to indicate rounding to nearest:
    • $0.05 (five cents)
    • $0.10 (ten cents)
    • $0.25 (twenty five cents)
    • $0.50 (fifty cents)
    • $0.18 (eighteen cents)
    • $1.12 (dollar twelve)
Commission Table Opens the Commisions Setup Lookup to apply a commission

If a performance is to be sold at another outlet, the promotion slected will require a Commission.


Edits Tab

Parts of the Edits Tab

Use For Sales Enable the appropriate check boxes for this promotion:
  • Via the Box Office
  • Via the Internet
  • At Another Outlet
  • Include in Patron Statistics
Can be sold between Enter the dates for when the tickets can be sold From and Through
Can be used

Enable the appropriate check boxes for this promotion

  • For tickets sold before the date of performance
  • On the day of sale of the performance
Base Price The Lowest and the Highest price of the ticket the promotion can be appied to
Maximun Use The maximum number of time a promotion can be used
For Example: the first 50 tickets get a discounted rate
Coupon Requirements BOX OFFICE has a special meaning. It tells the system that in order to get this promotion/discount, the patron must present a coupon to you at the box office that verifies eligibility for the discount. An example might be:
  • An entertainment book 2 for 1 coupon where you want the patron to provide you with proof that they have the coupon as payment
  • Military or AAA discount (or similar) where the patron must show the affinity card to get the discount
  • age related discounts where the patron must show proof of age to get student or senior pricing

In such cases, the order ticket print status is automatically set to HOLD @ WILLCALL FOR COUPON regardless if the patron asks to have their tickets mailed.

This feature can be used to exclude batch printing all tickets in an order if the order contains at least one ticket with this sales promotion.

ONLINE has a slightly different meaning. If you mark that a coupon is required for an online sales (for the same reasons as above) and the ticket is printed-at-home, Theatre Manager will:

  • Allow Print-at-home for the tickets (that need coupons) along with the rest of the tickets.
  • The bar code on the tickets that need coupons will be invalid and cannot be scanned
  • The instructions on the ticket can contain words that indicate it must be taken to the box office to exchange for a real ticket, at which time any coupons or eligibility can be verified.
This means if the patron buys 4 tickets (1 of which require a coupon from the web sale) the customer will still receive 4 tickets that can be printed. They won't wonder if one is missing. Instead, that one ticket will contain instructions to take it to the box office.
Coupon Requirements Note When a patron buys online and the print at home setting requires a coupon, you must also enter a note in this field. This provides the box office staff (and the patron) some instructions what they have to do to validate the ticket. This is printed on the upper left corner of the print at home ticket, per the sample.
Notifications If necessary, select the appropriate notification from the drop down list

Plug In Tab

Plug-Ins are special code segments designed specifically for your Theatre that affect how the sales process works. For example, a sales promotion plug in might look at the number of tickets and change regular sales to group sales of tickets automatically.

Click the Plug In button to open the the Plug In List Window.


Performances Tab

The Performances tab, allows you to veiw indepth information about the Plays / Events / Performances you want to apply the promotions to.

Parts of the tab

Opens the highlighted Performance in the Performance Detail window for editting. Click here for more information on editing a performance.
Disables the current sales promotion from the selected performance(s). To enable the sales performance again, you will need to edit each performance or mass enable from the sales promotion list.
Clicking the Transactions button, opens the transactions list window to show the transactions related to the selectd performance.
Allows you to find specific performances to select from by selecting an option.
From / To You can further refine the displayed list by entering from or to information related to your selection in the drop down list.
Click the Search button to find the performances that match your search critera.

Transactions Tab

This tab allows you to view all the transaction related to Plays / Events / Performances. You can further refine the results of your search through making a selection in the drop down list box, or by enabling or disabling the checkboxes. Once you have the list of transactions you can use:
Allows you to insert a new transaction record.
Opens the Transaction Detail window for the selected transaction record.
Deletes the selected transaction record.

Sales Promotion Toolbar / Ribbon Bar

The functions available are:

Help - opens the appropriate page in the online help.
New Adds a new record.
Save - Saves the current entry.
Duplicate - Duplicates the current entry as a new record.
Revert - reverts the current entry back to the last time it was saved.
Delete - removes the current entry from the listing.
Print - prints the current record to the default printer.
Spell - Checks the spelling in the appropriate fields.

Merging Sales Promotions

If a number of sales promotions have been created over the years that had a similar purpose, you may find it useful to merge them if they are not longer used.

For example: If an 'Early Bird Subscriber- 20xx' promotion was created for each and there is no possibility of re-using them, you could merge all the old ones into the current one. The discount calculations will be lost - but the meaning - on each ticket from the past - will still be clear as it will say 'early bird subscription'.

It is suggested that you only merge promotions where the meaning is similar and they are not likely to be used again.

The steps are:

  • Select a number of sales promotions that have similar meaning and/or can be considered the same thing
  • Click the merge button at the top of the sales promotion list window
  • Click on the sales promotion that you would like remain. All others in the list will be merged into this one promotion. You may want to pick the one that you know you used the most or the one that you like the name of best.