Direct Link - Course Related

the following are links that are related to selling courses or taking attendance.

You can also use many of the link that are ticket related if you provide the event # for the course

Direct Link to Courses[&tmsource=yyyyyy]


This link will take the patron to a select list of Performances based on the Sales Method for the Performance. The "xx" represents the Performance Sales Method sequence value from within Theatre Manager.

Sequence #Performance Sales Method
1Reserved Performances
2Festival Seating Performances
Other parameters
  • tmsource=yyyyyy (optional) where yyyyyy is a tracking code that is placed on any cart for tracking the source of the referral.

Direct link to Manage Performances


This link will take the a staff member or volunteer with permission to manage events online to the 'manage event' page in the online sales. The "xx" represents the event # from within Theatre Manager. If the event number is zero, then the employee/volunteer will see a list of all events that they can manage.

Permission to manage an event online is occurs when three things are true:

This link displays the tmEventManagement.html web page. Once the Instructor is on this page, they can: