Patron Salutations

The Patron Salutations code table is used to maintain the salutations on the patron and employee windows.

Default Gender Setting the gender allows the gender to be automatically tagged in the patron's record when a salutation is applied to a patron's record. Then there is no guessing as to who you are talking with. Gender can be used in search criteria for reports, exporting and mail lists and are created in the gender table.
Status Allows the salutation be changed between Inactive or Active. Some salutations are not changeable and are marked as Permanent or System. This field is searchable.
Available At Select areas where the salutation can be used in the Box Office, Development, or Internet. More than one choice can be used. This field is searchable.

For information about editing values in Code Tables, click here.


Setting Patron Salutation As Mandatory On Patron Insert

To make the salutation a mandatory field whenever a new patron record is created:
  1. Go to Setup >> System Tables >> Code Tables.
  2. Scroll to Patron Salutation.

    A blank salutation is set as a default by Theatre Manager. The default value in a code table is marked with a dot to the left of the entry.

  3. Highlight that blank salutation and click the Remove Default button.

    This removes the blank default salutation.

  4. Remove the blank salutation using the Delete button.

    If it has been used in a patron record, you will not be able to remove it. Mark it inactive.

  5. To mark a value inactive, follow instructions found here.