Moneris Pinpad Setup


  • A description. We suggest the pin pad type, ID and location
  • The merchant account to associate with this pin pad
  • The pin pad number provided by your merchant provider
  • Timeout - 30 seconds should be enough
  • Pinpad URL is
  • Port should be 443

Once you save the EMV device record, you can try Pairing with actual the device. You will be asked to enter the pair code that you see on the device to associate it with this record. After pairing, the device should go to a ready mode.

If you cannot pair with the device, contact Moneris to make sure the device is on cloud setting.

After the device is set up, you must associate the EMV device to a computers hardware setup
You will also need to provide some Merchant Settings from Moneris that activate your pinpad machines
Only Moneris cloud setup is supported (direct connection is not). This currently means only the P400 pin pad devices on cloud setting can be used. Please contact moneris to see if yours is compatible or needs replaced with a P400.
Pin Pads are settled during end of day. if you receive any message about an imbalance on a pin pad, please refer to the Moneris Pin Pad End Of Day troubleshooting tips.

PinPad Total

You can find the current totals for each pin pad by:
  • finding the EMV device record in the list of devices
  • Clicking the PinPad total button on the window as indicated below

This submits the 'OpenTotal' transaction to Moneris and should come back with a window showing device totals at the top for various transactions, per the image below.

These values can be explained to you by your Moneris representative. In general, the will show things like:

  • Transaction counts
  • Transaction Totals
for various types of transactions sent to the pin pad.

If you do not see the image below:
  1. make sure your pin pad is paired with theatre manager - it should be if you have been accepting authorizations and it has been activating
  2. Contact Moneris to find out why. This command is used to check totals prioer to end of day