Cards List Window

Membership, Pass/G.C. Cards can be used to grant access to a membership by multiple people. Much like checking into a hotel, when the clerk asks how many keys you want, Membership Cards (room keys) allow use of a particular membership (or memberships) by a group of people.

Passes are created and access from the patron window, Pass/GC tab

You can only assign a pass card to a pass/gc/membership that has use of cards enabled in the edit tab of pass/cg setup

Parts of the Membership Cards Window

Ribbon Bar

Adds a card. For more information on adding new cards click here.
Opens the Member Card window allowing for the details of the card to be edited. For more information on editing cards click here.
This function is not currently available.
Deletes the currently selected card. For more information on deleting cards click here.
Generates a report displaying the information in the membership card list.
Exports out the data seen in the membership card list.
Assigns the currently selected card to the membership.
Removes the selected card to the current membership.

Card Detail

Card Association Icon Whether the card is Assigned (green checkmark) or Unassigned (no checkmark).
Card Number Number for the card.
Name on Card Name to be printed on the card.
Description The status of the card (active or inactive).