Known Issues with 64 bit TM

There are a few known minor issues. None of these significantly affect usage of TM - and the list will be updated as they are fixed or others are identified during the 64 bit transition.


Mac OS only

  • The main toolbar sometimes disappears (Sept 2018). To get it back:
    1. Select the Toolbar option from the Windows menu.
    2. If the toolbar does not appear, then repeat step 1 again.
    3. If it still does not appear, quit and restart Theatre Manager
  • On the Patron window, tickets tab:
    • selecting seats and clicking the map button to make a report showing the patron's seats may crash.
    • A temporary workaround is to go to the Event Window and look at any map,or show any map on any window like the ticket window
    • then TM seems to be fine from that point on. (identified Sept 2018 - automatic workaround introduced version 10.07.139)
  • The cursor does not appear in text entry fields (Nov 2018) and is addressed in the next major download of TM


Both Windows and Macintosh

  • Printing a single page of a report to a printer works for all pages of the report except printing only the last page.. The work-around is to print the entire report, and on the Windows or Macintosh printer dialog, indicate to print only the last page (Oct 2018)