Ticket Pricing Cube

There are many options for pricing tickets in Theatre Manager -- all of which follow a very basic model. The pricing cube metaphor provides a marketing driven design and is often in contrast to the approach used by other ticket vendors. This allows easy implementation of discounting through sales promotions or implementation of dynamic pricing through changing a pricing map.

In general, pricing is modelled using the cube below with the following key parameters affecting pricing:

Practical Ticket Pricing Example

Quick Practical Example

Suppose that:

  • a venue has 5 key base price codes/sections where you would create a letter code to represent each base price:

    Base Price Code Section Sample Map
    A Premier Section (yellow)
    B Orchestra Centre, and some seats along the aisles (green)
    C Orchestra Left, Orchestra Right (blue)
    D Boxes and Gallery (red)
    E Upper Balcony (light blue)
  • and a week long run where:

    Night Price A Price B Price C Price D Price E Pricing Layout
    Opening Night $100 $80 $70 $60 $50
    Monday-Wednesday $69 $54 $46 $42 $32
    Thursday-Sunday $73 $58 $59 $46 $36
  • with some sales promotions that enable discounting like:

    Sales Promotions Price A Price B Price C Price D Price E
    Full Price No Discount No Discount No Discount No Discount No Discount
    Senior Price $2 off $2 off $2 off $2 off $2 off
    Media Comp not allowed 100% off, Opening only not allowed not allowed not allowed