Venue Map Window - Description Tab

Venue Map Window

The words "Theatre" and "Venue" are generally synonymous with each other. The places where you perform may be called a Theatre, Concert Hall, Arena or some other term. In Theatre Manager, we refer to all of these as the generic "Venue."

In each venue can have a number of pricing maps - and this is where you start that process.

Parts of the Description Tab

Venue Information

Venue Map #
Unique number of the map automatically assigned by Theatre Manager.
The original Outlet that built this venue map. This only displays in the Outlet version.
Internal Venue Name
The internal name used for the venue. This only displays to users (Employees).
External Venue Name
The external name of the venue. This displays in areas such as tickets and Web Sales.
Address of the venue.
City in which the venue is located.
Province / State
Province / state in which the venue is located.
Country in which the venue is located.
Postal Code / Zip Code
Postal code / zip code of the venue.
Phone number of the venue.
Fax number of the venue.
E-mail address of the venue.
Fire Rated Capacity
The maximum number of people allowed in the venue as posted by the Fire Marshall.
A check box to indicate whether the map is active or inactive.
Venue Color
Color assigned to the Venue for use in the Facility Management module.

Venue Icons and Notes for Web

Icon for the venue. This icon will appear on the internet for web sales.
Any addition notes about the venue. These notes will appear on the internet for web sales.