Access Restriction Tab

Displays a listing of who can change the contents of the selected mail list.
  • If you are on the access restriction list, you can add, rebuild and remove people from the list - and you can delete the mail list in entirety.
  • If the list of employees is empty, anybody can add, rebuild or remove people from the list
If you want to hide this list from some people, use the Access Feature at the top part of the window.
Preventing employees from altering the contents of the mail list does not prevent them from deleting the entire mail list unless you implement data permissions on the employee record (prevent delete of mail lists) or hide the mail list (as above)

First First name of the employee.
Last Last name of the employee.
E-mail E-mail address for the employee.
Grants an employee access to the Mail List.
Removes an employee from having access to a Mail List.
Opens the employee data window for the selected employee.