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Other Minor Differences

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The Theatre Manager code base is common to both the 32 and 64 bit versions. There are some minor updates pertinent to more recent operating systems that do not affect the placement of buttons, menus ir location of things that you are already familiar with.

  • The 64 bit version of reports shows thumbnails of the report pages in the report window. In addition:
    • You can use the thumbnails to scroll to any page you want
    • The thumbnails can be hidden or shown in the context menuM/li>
    • You can zoom in or out on the preview. This contrasts to earlier versions of TM where the report always fit to page and was dependant on the window size - this is no longer
  • There are some enhancements to support monitors with Retina display resolution
  • Some fonts should appear smoother on the higher resolution displays
  • The Windows 64 bit version should new remember the column settings and window position changes on the sell window - just like TM does for other list and entry widows.
  • There is a newer version of the word processor in 64 bit.
    • If you have recently updated your 32 bit version of TM, both are compatible.
    • After editing a document in 64 bit version of TM, if you get an error when trying to edit the same document in 32 bit that the word processor is too old, then all you need to do is download and update that workstation by manually installing latest version of TM - we recommend picking 64 bit.