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Map Building - 32 Bit Theatre Manager

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As a general reminder, the process for building maps for the current 32 bit Theatre Manager is:
  1. Create or modify a theatre map in a tool like powerpoint that generally allows you to make
    • shapes, usually with colours, on it representing seating areas or sections
    • individual text areas containing descriptive words for sections & rows, some seats
    • a legend as necessary to point out ADA seats and price areas
  2. Convert the powerpoint image (using Open Office) to one or more platform specific images as required by the machines at your venue:
    • for OSX: PICT format was required
    • for Windows: WMF format was required
    • for Web: an SVG map was required for pick your seats
  3. Drag and drop the image onto the pricing map window that is for your platform (eg. use the PICT map if doing the map on a Macintosh)
  4. Place seats on the image as required to represent the venue
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 until the map is complete an to your liking
  6. Import the final SVG map for web sales - to enable a visual map for web sales
  7. Merge the SVG map with seat names - to enable pick your own capabilities