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Backups have not run and the script won't run as a scheduled task

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Occasionally, sites will get a Theatre Manager notification the backups have not run and when investigated, the scheduled task or Cronnix job are indeed set. When this happens, please take the following steps to edit the backup script.
  • Make sure the steps to edit the backup script as described here have been taken.

    Pay particular attention to the folder names and location - someone may have moved the Box Office or Backups directories without updating the backup script to reflect the change.

  • Ensure sure you are logged in as the local Administrator on the machine. Other users may have permissions set that are blocking the ability to run the script. Likewise, if you have set up the daily backup routine with Task Scheduler (Windows), make sure the job is set to run as Administrator and to "Run with highest privileges".

  • Check the Administrator password on the machine has not been changed since the Scheduled Task was set. If this is the case, then you will need to update the password on the task.

If the backup script won't run manually per the instructions outlined here, then you need to follow the instructions for updating and editing your backup script here.