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Quick Mail List Sign-up Online

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Limited profile patrons also allows quick sign up to any number of mail lists by providing only name and email info (rather than the usual new sign up or sign in process).

Quick Add Setup

  • This feature is a simple form on your web sales site. Users can select which mail lists they'd like to receive from a list defined by the venue.
  • You need to set up a form to tell TM which mail lists to include on the form that users will select from.
  • Please refer to the samples in the web page tmMailListQuickAddInsert.html. You can find the latest Web Pages .
  • Double-click that file to preview what it will look like, then open it with a script editor (WordPad on a PC, Apple Script Editor on a Mac) to make the changes to it representative of your venue (ie. add your mail lists to it in place of the samples). For example, this is the page opened for preview:

    And this is the same page opened in a script editor:

  • So using the example in a script editor, you would change the name of the mail list at the end of each line to match a mail list you have set up in your database.
  • Save the edited file then place it in your web pages folder under TMtemplates.

Confirmation Email

If the patron was not logged in when they subscribed to a mail list (the only gave their name and email), they will receive an email asking them to confirm their subscription to the mail list. Patrons who follow the usual sign-in routine will not be subject to this confirmation process.

If they do not confirm their subscription to the mail list(s), they will automatically be removed from the mail list after a specified number of hours (default 24) in Company Preferences. This occurs during the end of day process when other web information is purged.

  • To change the default setting go to Setup > Company Preferences and open the End of Day tab.
  • In the bottom left, there's a section for Web, Logs & Shopping Cart Retention Policy settings.
  • Set the Purge unconfirmed mail list number of hours to the desired setting.

If the email address a patron uses here exists in the database already, the patron in the database will be added to the mail list. If the email address does not exist, then a new 'limited profile patron' record will be created for the patron.