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Backing Up the Database Manually

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The database backup process is automated and would have been set up for you during installation or conversion. If not, follow the instructions on downloading and upgrading the latest scripts.

If the backups processes were created, you would have at least one recent backup. To create another one, follow the instructions and run the appropriate backup script on the database server machine.

Backing Up Manually By Running the Backup Script

  1. On the Mac, you open the terminal on the server and type

    php /Users/Shared/backupTM.php

  2. On a PC, go to C:/BoxOffice directory on the server and run the 'BackupTM.bat' file (by double clicking on it.)

    In either case, check that there is a new backup in the 'Backups' directory that has 'yyyymmdd_mmhhss' as part of the file name where the date is the last few minutes.

Backing Up Manually Using pgAdmin

  1. On the server, open pgAdmin by navigating to either Applications > PostgreSQL > pgAdmin (Mac) or by looking in Start Menu > Programs > PostgreSQL > pgAdmin.
  2. Select/log in to the PostgreSQL Server by double-clicking.

    When the password prompt comes up, click "OK".

  3. Double-click "Databases" to display the list of databases.

    Right-click on the database you wish to backup to bring up the context menu.

  4. Select Backup.

  5. Set up the window as shown.

    This file path is setup for Mac OS X. The equivalent path on a PC would be C:\BoxOffice\Backups\MyFile.backup

  6. Click "OK" to start the backup.