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Original Theatre Manager and High Sierra/Mojave Compatibility note

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Note: Theatre Manager is now 64 bit only. This compatibility note for older operating systems does not apply any more.
We have tested Theatre Manager with High Sierra in our test lab for a number of months and at some selected client sites. There are no known issues that we are aware of

Those wishing to update to High Sierra should do so. We will be testing Mojave as it gets closer to release date.


The Future of Theatre Manager and 64 bit

Theatre Manager is undergoing changeover from a 32 bit to a 64 bit application. Full changeover for all clients is expected to be complete in early Fall, 2018 (after which, the 32 bit version will receive support for a period of time - and depending on client workstations, slowly phased out).

The following are what is driving the changes:

  • Apple has stated that OSX will not support 32 bit applications in Mojave. At the Oct 2018 release, it became clear that Apple deferred the decision for about a year.
  • Web Browsers in El Capitan and later support recent security enhancements for PCI whereas browsers in earlier versions are not being supported
  • Theatre Manager 64 bit for OSX will need OSX El Capitan (10.11) or later to run some of the new 64 bit features -and-
  • High Sierra is a free update to OSX users and was released Spet 25, 2017. It is mature for an OS
  • Mojave is also a free update to OSX users scheduled for Oct 2018
  • We suggest users put plans in place to update OSX to High Sierra before Sept 2018 -- at a time convenient for your venue if you are using Yosemite or earlier.

    It also means if you are already using El Capitan or Sierra, or High Sierra, you can use both 32 bit or 64 bit Theatre Manager without doing anything to your machines to upgrade them.

For Windows Users, there will also be a 64 bit version of Theatre Manager coming in the future.