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These pages are to be Deleted after review-Consignment Ticket Sales

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Consignment Tickets

Consignment ticketing is used when you sell tickets for a performance at another venue. The venue would give you x number of tickets for you to sell. The tickets are setup under plays and dates as an ordinary performance would be. For your account setup you would setup accounts specifically for consignment sales. Once setup, add a performance to sell tickets for and select the amount to be sold as consignment. Once setup the performance will be shown. The selling of consignment tickets is the same as regular tickets. Consignment ticket performances cannot be oversold. Only festival seating performances can be setup to be oversold.

  1. Click the Patron Button on the toolbar.

    This will open the Patron Window.

  2. Find the patron purchasing tickets.

    For more information on finding patrons click here.

  3. Click the Buy Tickets button at the top of the Contact List.

    The Performance Selection window will open.

    Click here for a detailed description of this window. 

  4. Select the performance(s) the patron would like to buy tickets to.

    Click here to learn how to search for performances.

    Click here for more information on creating a buy list.

  5. Click the Add Play button.

    This will add the selected performances to the Buy List at the bottom of the window.

  6. Click the Seat Selection tab once the Buy List is complete.

    This will open the Seat Selection sales window.

  7. Enter in the quantity of tickets to purchase.

  8. Select Single or Group Ticket sales.

    Select Group tickets to print one ticket for several admissions. Select single tickets to print one ticket for each admission. Refer to Users and Access >> Employee Preferences to set the default selection for single or group ticket sales. Click here for more information.

  9. Select the Sales Promotion for which the tickets will be sold for.

  10. Select the Price Code for which the tickets will be sold for.

  11. Reserve the seats.

    The same quantity of tickets along with the same price code and sales promotion, are created for each highlighted performance in the Buy List.

  12. Click the Payment button.

    Click here to learn how to accept payments for tickets.