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Database Utilities - Sending a Database to ArtsMan - Macintosh

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Sending a Database to Arts Management Systems using Timbuktu - Macintosh

To speed up the file transfer process you may compress your database and transaction files into an archive using Stuff-It. Their demonstration software can be downloaded from the website If you require a copy of Timbuktu, please visit for downloading an evaluation copy. If you find this tool useful, we recommend you purchasing a copy for your organization.

Prior to sending a database to Arts Management, you must obtain 3 things to complete the process. Contact Arts Management Technical Support for these values:

  • the TCP/IP address of the computer you are about to send the database to
  • the login user name
  • the login password
  1. Open Timbuktu
  2. Select New Connection from the File Menu

    The following New Connection window will appear

  3. Click the TCP/IP tab.

  4. Enter the IP address given to you by Arts Management Systems

    It will be in a form of

  5. Click the Send Button

    The Network Password Window will open

  6. Enter the Name and Password given to you by Arts Management Systems
  7. Click the OK Button

    This will open the send window

  8. Click the Add Files Button

    The following window will open

  9. Navigate to where your database files are stored

    If you are unsure of their location ask your System Administrator.

  10. Select all of the files and click the Add Button

    If your database is made up of multiple segments, select all of the segments. If a segment is not sent, we will not be able to log into the database after we have received it. If you are unsure if you have multiple segments, ask your System Administrator.

    The files will be added to the middle portion of the screen

    You will return to the Send Window

  11. Enter in a Message that indicates who you are and the organization you are with.
  12. Click the Send Button to begin the file transfer

    The file transfer will begin.