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Updating Apache From a Prior Version

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PCI compliance indicates that you need to update system components after they are released and/or if you fail a PCI compliance scan.

As of Version 10.06, the Apache installers only include responsive pages. If you do not have these yet, be sure to save your current web pages

The full instructions for either platform are below. If you are at all unsure, please read them to be sure you follow the detailed instructions - don't try shortcuts.

However, if you have Apache 2.4.9 or later installed (any version, especially if we did the heartbleed update for you), and if you wish to update to Apache 2.4.18, the quick steps are, in general:

  • Stop apache server
  • Save the apache server folder
  • Download and run the appropriate installer for your machine
  • Copy the entire htdocs folder from the 'saved' apache folder to the new apache folder
  • Compare the httpd-balance.conf file from the new conf/extra folder to the 'saved' conf/extra folder and make the changes in the old file, especially for:
    • -SSLv3 -TLS1 -TLS1.1
    • additions to gzip browser traffic to improve performance
  • Copy the entire conf folder from the 'saved' apache folder to the new apache folder
  • Restart apache

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