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Edit extra/httpd-balance.conf

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Look for the file called 'httpd-balance.conf' in the Apache conf/extras folder and make the 4 changes described below.

This file is found:

  • OSX: in /Library/Apache2/conf/extras
  • Windows: in C:/Apache24/conf/extras

Step Action
Step 1

Part way down the file is a line defining the virtual host for port 80. This is designed to cause any user who tries to access the server on port 80 to automatically be re-directed to port 443 and use https. Please make the following changes to this part of the file:

  • Replace the with the external URL of your ticketing web site. In the example above, it has been replaced with to show what it should look like at the end.

    Note: if using scanners and if you wish to use the internal ip address of the apache server, you will need to comment out the lines above and uncomment the lines below.

Step 2

  • Look for ServerName
  • Change localhost to your ticket server address. eg
  • Change the ServerAdmin email address to the correct admin email address. eg
  • Uncomment the ServerName and ServerAdmin lines
Note: both these should match the settings in the httpd.conf file
Step 3

Look for the SSLCertificateFile and SSLCertificateKeyFile settings.

  1. Below the SSLCACertificateFile setting add the following:

    SSLCertificateChainFile "/Library/Apache2/conf/server-ca.crt" for Mac
    SSLCertificateChainFile "/Apache24/conf/ssl/server-ca.crt" for PC

  2. Download the server-ca.crt file. Unzip the folder. Copy and paste the server-ca.crt file to the Apache24/conf/ssl folder.
Step 4

Near the bottom of the file is a series of URL's with BalancerMember at the beginning and describes to Apache where the Theatre Manager Server is found. Please make the following changes to this part of the file:

  • Replace with the internal address of the machine the Theatre Manager Server is running on
  • Add more BalancerMember lines to match the number of cores on the Theatre Manager Server minus 1. For example, if you have an 8 core machine, or a dual 4 core machine, then you will have 7 lines in this section of the conf file. They will all have the same IP address
  • The ports will be numbered sequentially starting at 5001 and up - a different one for each line.
  • Ensure that the ports are open on the Theatre Manager Server and that the Apache is permitted to talk to it.
  • If you want to run the second generation server on more than one machine, create entries in this area to point to each machine using the rules above
Note: If you wish to run Theatre Manager Server on more than one machine (not needed unless you would like redundancy by using a second server) then duplicate the lines above and enter the IP address of the second or third Theatre Manager Server. Use only as many lines as you have cores on each machine (minus 1).

If your network configuration consists of two routers the IP Address listed in the BalanceMember sections of the httpd-balancer.conf file must be the External IP address of the Internal Router.