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FTP Access to Apache 'eblastimages'

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Legacy Reference Page for older versions of Theatre Manager. Please consider updating TM

This is not required for version 10 of Theatre Manager. The Second Generation Listener handles all images for form letters , ticket trove and web images.

In Version 9.00 of Theatre Manager, clients can create form letters for eblasts containing images easier than before. When editing an eblast, any imbedded pictures are automatically placed on the FTP set prior to the eblast going out.

To set it up, you will need to:

  • set up a special 'account' that has FTP access to the htdocs folder on the Apache server for image hosting
  • ensure the account has read/write access to the eblastimages folder
  • put those account settings into Company Preferences so that Theatre Manager knows how to put the pictures on the 'eblastimages' folder

How it works

A Theatre Manager user create the form letter using drag-and-drop for images. Theatre Manager recognizes all pictures in the form letter, places them on the Apache server and sends out the form letter email with the pictures as links rather than storing multiple copies of an image in the database.

At no time does the patron have FTP access to the apache server. Likewise, the internal user should not have FTP access beyond sending pictures to the Apache Server. Since the 'account' settings are in company preferences, most Theatre Manager users should not be aware other than this 'just happens' in the background.

Some set up is required before the new feature will function. The following pages include step-by-step instructions for setting up FTP access to the htdocs folder on the Apache server and for setting up Company Preferences inside Theatre Manager with that access.