Seat Management Patron Section

You use the Seat Management Patron Section to add or edit patrons subscribed to the season package.


Parts of the Seat Management Patron Section

Patron Name Name of the subscriber.
Renewal Status The current status of the patron's subscription.
Date Renewed The last date the patron renewed their subscription
Change Date The last date a seating change was requested.
Change Location The location of the seating change that was requested.
Performance The performance code for the control house they are part of.
Seats Since The date that the subscriber first subscribed.
Seat Count - Current The number of seats currently held as part of the subscription.
Seat Count - Desired The number of seats the subscriber would like to have.
Seating Request Comments Any comment added for a seating request.
Priority of Seating The priority given to the seating change request.
Patron # The patron's record number.
First Name The first name of the patron.
Last Name The last name of the patron.
Company The company the patron works for.
Adds a new patron to the season package. For more information on adding a patron to a season package, click here.
Opens the patron's subscription record. Click here for more information on the Patron Subscription Detail window.
Deleted the patron from the season package. If the patron already has booked seats, the tickets will need to be refunded also.
Opens the patron window for the selected patron. Click here for more information on the patron window.

Set Suggested Donation

There are a four ways to set a suggested donation for patrons when sending out the subscription renewal notices. You can set:
  1. a specific suggested donation for all subscriptions - for example $100.00, which is set as an option when printing renewal notices
  2. a suggestion that is a percentage value of the total subscription - for example 15%, which is set as an option when printing renewal notices
  3. a different suggested amount for each patron - which is entered directly on the favourite seats subscription window.
  4. a custom value for each donor based on a calculation from prior donation history (which is described below)


Or, a variation on the above 4 options where you:
  • assign something based on past history.
  • then look at the bands of suggested donations (eg 100-125, 200-250) .. and then re-assign some donors a new specific donation that is a manual round-up or to the next giving level.

    This would mean:

    • running the process once to set the initial amount
    • then re-running it for selected patrons to set specific amounts as much as you want.


Setting a suggestion based on Historical Giving

Option 4 allows you to select one or more subscriptions and calculate a custom amount based on past giving history. You can use this feature:

  • as many times as you want to recalculate or replace any existing suggested donation
  • differently for groups of subscribers so that opening night subscribers might use different set of criteria than the rest of the run
  • to over-ride some previous settings for one or more patrons

To use the feature:

  1. Open the window to manage patron subscriptions
  2. On the bottom left corner, select one or more subscriptions
  3. Right-click to see the context menu.
  4. Select 'Select Suggested Donation for Subscriptions' from the menu
  5. The window that appears below will appear
    • Make your choices as to how to calculate the suggested donation for the patron
    • Click Proceed