Format URL for Link

Links are useful in eblasts to help you direct the patron to a specific area in the web site to begin the buying process and track the reason people came to the web site using the tmsource feature of a link

You can right-click on text to format it a Link or to edit the URL for an existing link.

You can alter the:

  • Name of the link which is displayed on the letter for the patron to click on
  • Description of the field which is the tooltip displayed when you run your mouse over the field. It will default to explain what link you have chosen
  • URL that clicking on the link will display in your browser.


Selecting a link

You can type in any link you want such as your marketing web site URL or the ticketing web site.

The context menu has a helper to help you quickly insert a URL for various parts of your ticketing web site. For example, if you want to place a link to show all events:

  • Right click on the URL field
  • Select Insert URL
  • Select Tickets category of URL's
  • Select Show All Events in Icon List
    • The Description will change to describe what the link does as a helpful tip to you
    • The URL will be changed to the link that will accomplish that task
  • Some links will have XXX or QQQ in them. It the link is for a donation campaign, the XXX need to be changed to one of your donation campaigns.
For more information about a URL that is inserted, please refer to redirecting links
The parameter tmSource is automatically appended to the end of all links with an example value. Please change it to make sure you do eblast referral tracking.