Direct Link Using Performance Type[&tmsource=yyyyyy]


The above link uses the Sequence number associated with the Performance Type to create a direct link to select Performances. By using this link a defined list of performances can be grouped together and displayed for purchased. To locate the Sequence number references in the link follow the steps below:

  • Click Setup >> System Tables >> Code Tables.
  • Select the Perf Type option in the left column.
  • Locate the Seq # column.

    This column will contain the value to replace the XX in the link above. Multiple values can be referenced at one time by separating multiple XX references with commas and defining the XX with each unique sequence number.


To locate or alter the Performance Type for a select Performance follow the steps below:

  • Click Setup >> Events.
  • Click the button to populate the Event List.
  • Double-click an Event to open it.
  • In the Event Setup Window, select the Performance tab.
  • Double click on the Performance to be included by the link.
  • Locate the Perf Type field.

    This field will contain the value referenced by the Performance. The value can be changed using the drop down. The link above will reference all performances where the value within this field matches the sequence number from the link.