Responding to a Task Request

If you have added another patron/employee/volunteer as a participant to a task, they are set to To Be Invited or Accept by Default, depending on the default settings in Company Preferences.

Click here for more information on Company Preferences.
  1. When a participant to a task logs in to the database, a Notifications window opens, if they have not responded to the invitation.

  2. You respond to an invitation by selecting your name in the task participants list and selecting a meeting status of Accepted, Declined, or Pending (have not decided yet).

    When a task participant (or volunteer) is assigned to a task, if their status has been set to To Be Invited, they will appear in the Notifications window indicating that an Email needs to be sent to let them know about the meeting (or volunteer opportunity).

  3. When you select the lines in Notifications and Send Notification, an Email is sent with an iCalendar attachment.

    The information is loaded into their calendar on their individual machine. When they respond back to the meeting, Theatre Manager will update the meeting status.

    Click here for more information on Notifications.

  4. Double-click on a line in the list to see that task and respond to the invitation.