Adding Volunteers to an Event

"Volunteer" is a broad term meaning "Personnel," "Volunteers," "Staff," or a variety of other terms. The field refers to any person assigned to an activity - whether they are paid or unpaid. you may have a mixture of paid and unpaid staff within the same event, for example Ushers (who are unpaid) and Run Crew (who are compensated). Since the name of the field is customizable, some organizations may retain the term "Volunteer," while others change it to reflect their own terminology. The nomenclature in your database may be different than "Volunteer."

Adding volunteers to an event is as easy as "drag and drop" from a contact list to the Volunteers window in Event Setup, or using the convenient button at the bottom of the Volunteers tab.

  1. Open an event through the Setup>>Events & Dates menu, or by clicking the button.

    Proceed to the tab.

  2. Highlight the performance on the left-hand side to which you want to add volunteers.

  3. Click the button at the bottom of the window.

    A contact lookup window of Active Volunteers opens.

    Patrons must be listed in their patron records as active volunteers with positions they are able to perform. For more information on setting up patrons as volunteers, click here.

  4. Highlight the volunteer in the lookup that you wish to add to the performance.

    Some patrons will appear more than once in the lookup, indicating they are capable of performing more than one position.

    Click the button.

    Your chosen patron now appears on the Volunteer tab of the event setup.

  5. Repeat to assign all volunteers

After adding all your volunteers, you may want to edit the details of their assignments to be more specific on the task they are to perform (for example, Ushers may be assigned to "Orchestra" or "Balcony" or "Coat Check," and Run Crew may be assigned to "Fly Loft" or "Spot Operator" or "Grip").